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It's free! Savage Worlds engine! All OCs welcome! Bring Digimon instead! Trans Nidoking real! I ran out of good jokes for this real fast! Including this marquee hurt my soul! - Courtney Code the marquee, marquee-coder! No legendary-spamming! Destroy toxic salty noobs! Aim for the horn! Luvdisc is viable! Play as your favourite Pokémon, and also Yungoos! Kid-tested, Average Human Mother-Approved! No seriously someone ran it at a camp for some kids. It was so fucking cute Holy shit! A fucking Bulbasaur!
The cover image of the Pokeymanz 'book.'

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Pokeymanz is a fan-made tabletop RPG for playing as trainers and their 'mons, specifically of the poke-variety! It is engineered after the feel and logic of the anime and manga rather than the games, emphasizing creative and off-the-wall uses of Pokémon moves and abilities.

Make your trainer and assign their strengths and foibles, give them a starter 'mon, and venture out with your friends into the wide, wacky world of Pokeymanz!

This is Irnakk. One of the most OP Bionicles. So like, he's basically the Skakdi boogieman. Like "if you're not good Irnakk will get you" is what young Skakdi are told. And so the piraka run into him in the 777 steps leading towards the mask of life.

But like his powers are wild. His basic attack is to turn people into thoughts. Which he uses to like, test people. but this guy can just turn someone into a thought and then not think them and they're gone.

He tests the piraka by saying like, if you fear death you'll die. And Zaktan, who 1: knows the big bad's master plan and 2: has already suffered a fate worse than death, doesn't flinch so Irnakk lets the piraka go.

- Sgt. Shivers