I write a lot of fanfic in my free time - I'd go so far as to say it's my calling. Here's the catalogue! Finished fics have alternative download options, but ongoing fics are only readable on Ao3 for now.

X-Over Unit

Quint and Bass team up to help Bass woo Mega Man, leading into a number of truly unforeseen adventures for them and everyone around them.

Hyrule's Bravest Idiots

A Link who questions his place as the Chosen Hero sets out with his best friend the Prince of the Zora to save Zora's Domain from an otherworldly threat.

  • Hi my name is Link and Welcome to Jackass (Ao3 | HTML | EPUB)
  • Hi my name is Link and Welcome back to Top Gaming Plays (Ao3 [Ongoing])


  • As Above, So Below [Ruby-Spears Mega Man] (Ao3 | HTML | EPUB)
  • I'm Here to Kill Chaos [Final Fantasy Origin] (Ao3 | HTML | EPUB)

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